Private Professional Fiduciaries

A private professional fiduciary is an individual that is paid to act as an agent, trustee, conservator, guardian, or other fiduciary role on behalf of a third party. They are, generally, involved to act as a neutral entity in a contentious case or when there are no suitable individuals in the specific case. Having a private professional fiduciary involved oftentimes brings an additional level of expense to the case but can bring comfort, peace, and expertise. Sometimes a private professional fiduciary helps you solve your present and plan your future.

Choosing the proper private professional fiduciary is important.  Just as important, however, is making sure that the private professional fiduciary has suitable legal counsel. MarvanLaw, A.P.C. is here to help clients find an appropriate private professional fiduciary, matching the fiduciary’s specific skills sets with the issues in the case.

MarvanLaw, A.P.C. represents numerous private professional fiduciaries. We pride ourselves on helping the private professional fiduciary assess and navigate the complexities of their cases bringing efficient resolution that minimizes the emotional and economic cost involved in the matter.

Since MarvanLaw, A.P.C. is focused on solving problems, we remain committed to representing fiduciaries because an appropriate private professional fiduciary can bring peace and long-term stability to a case. Representing fiduciaries requires a comprehensive knowledge of the law and an understanding of the emotions and intentions of the parties. When we represent private professional fiduciaries, we make sure to minimize liability for the fiduciary and to maximize the benefit for the third party.

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